Portfolio – Basil Romanov


Here you can find my works in different musical genres and styles.

Instrumental (chamber)

I’m have been self-educating in orchestration for years as well as I’ve taken lessons on various aspects of harmony, orchestra, and musical form.

Instrumental (popular)

My musical interests are wider than academic styles. I admire jazz traditions and adore works of such masters of arranging like Sammy Nestico or George Garanyan. So it is challenging to create something for pop or jazz ensembles.



I have been writing a musical “Traded laughter” for several years (libretto is created in cooperation with Yeugenia Agafonova). Yet it is completely composed only several compositions are orchestrated: due to common theatre process, it is useful to orchestrate them all without knowledge of a pit orchestra.


My song was included in “Ars’ Secret Adventures” (Animars-studio, 2019)


Since 2008 I have been performing as a singer with my own songs. Here are some examples.